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Affiliates are not resellers! – Resellers collect payment and coordinate the buying process. Affiliates send the customer to Compressor Now.  So what is an affiliate? You either operate website, blog or have contact with customers that buy compressor parts but do not have the structure in place to act as a reseller. We believe that this is a valuable position and with the success of companies like Amazon the world as a whole has embraced this as a viable way to advertise. And advertisement is what it really comes down to. Some companies will spend tons of money on print and web based advertisements but we feel it is in our best interest and the affiliates to offer that money to those that are in the compressed air industry in one way or another. How does being an affiliate work? In the simplest form we give you a unique link that is tied to your profile. This allows you to see when someone visits that link, makes a purchase etc. We will pay you a commission on those purchases.

With the Compressor Now affiliate program, once approved you will be given a link that associates a user to you. When that user makes a purchase within 30 days you are given a commission on that purchase. Links can be used as a procurement company, blogger, or if you cover compressed air in your social media. 

Note: We do not find it effective or a good business practice to just spam links on social media or anywhere else. You should be providing a solution for a potential customer. If we find activities that we consider spam, you will be banned from the program. This is about helping people, not SPAM. 

We find that this is a viable form of advertising. Compressor Now is not like many companies who spend a ton of money on search engine ads/print marketing/social media influencers etc. We find that our affiliates are able to find a solution for their readers/customers and that is really what this is about, solving the problem to get operations running smoothly.

5% of a sale (less tax and shipping) is the commission rate on 99% of the products we sell. However that other 1% is non commissionable. These are products that are offered as a courtesy to customers and are not sold at a profit. We sell these products because they are needed yet we do not have a distribution deal in place with the manufacturer of that item. Unfortunately these are not easy to identify as an affiliate and we apologize if one of those items was purchased through a link you provided. You can always ask prior and we will tell you what grouping that product is in. In the future we will attempt to make these products eaisly identifiable to the affiliate. 

International affiliates are accepted but all purchases must be sent to a US address. We will not pay commissions on an order that we must ship to an international destination. Shipping to a freight forwarder in the US is considered shipping to a US address.  

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