Atlas Copco Oil Filter

What Atlas Copco Oil Filter Do You Need?

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Atlas Copco OEM filters help to avoid unplanned downtime
Forgetting to order a part could leave a service intervention incomplete. The follow-up maintenance this entails will lead to extra downtime and all the associated costs. As your original equipment manufacturer, we know exactly which parts are needed for every intervention. They come as a single package with the quality assurance of genuine Atlas Copco parts.

What if I can source cheaper parts?
Generic spare air filters are not made specifically for your compressor or vacuum pump, so the integrity of your equipment will be at risk. Non-genuine parts are also likely to have a shorter lifetime and increase the risk of lower compressor performance and higher energy consumption. Genuine parts guarantee optimal air quality and performance.

Can I simplify my parts administration?
Our Service Kits offer multiple administrative shortcuts. First of all, you don’t have to spend time on selecting the right parts for the next service intervention. Ordering your parts is reduced to a single item. Follow-up is just as easy.

Smooth service interventions
Order your Service Kits and get all the parts you need in a single package.

Maximize compressor or vacuum pump lifetime
Dust and dirt contamination may damage or performance losses of rotors and their housings. Specific filter elements and high grade filtration efficiency guarantee your installation’s uptime. Built to withstand high operating pressures, our filters have a superior service life thanks to their high dirt holding capacity and temperature resistance.

What is the risk of non-genuine filters?
Alternative filters are often designed to accommodate multiple machines by making concessions to their specifications. A one-size-fits-all component may cause pressure drops, increased energy consumption or breakdowns. Only genuine parts guarantee the performance and integrity of your equipment.

Keep getting the most out of your equipment
Genuine filters and separators guarantee optimal return.

Guaranteed performance

Original compressor parts uphold the integrity of your compressed air system, ensuring its optimal performance and maximum uptime.

Improved energy efficiency

Using genuine parts and replacing them regularly extend the life of your compressor and minimise the average pressure drop to ensure the lowest cost of ownership.

Nationwide delivery

The continuity of your production process can only by guaranteed when the quality spare parts arrive at the right place and the right time. We deliver parts anywhere within th USA.

Our genuine Atlas Copco parts are manufactured to the same exacting standards as our equipment: They pass the very same rigorous endurance tests. Employing genuine Atlas Copco parts avoids problems such as premature failure and lower performance. Simply put, employing genuine parts has proven to be the best way to protect your investment from poor performance, while also ensuring your machine operates in line with original factory specifications.

Industry survey results indicate that over 30% of compressor owners rely upon third party service providers to maintain their equipment, which can include providing relatively cheaper, non-genuine spare parts, ranging from filters and lubricants to electric motors and compressor elements.

So, what can go wrong?

In short, your compressor may be suffering in silence. In the long term, non-genuine spare parts, including lubricants, can be creating unseen damage to machinery, surreptitiously diminishing efficiency or, worse still, affecting process air purity which in turn might result in end-product quality issues. The impact may not be immediate, although the effect on total life-cycle costs can be massive.

Keep your compressor running as new, right up to its retirement age!

The simple truth is that only by using original spare parts can a compressor’s designed performance and efficiency be maintained for years of operation at the same level as when it was purchased. In that way, investment is not compromised and neither is the compressor’s quality output.

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