Hertz Kompressoren HBD 5 (175 PSI) SCREW COMPRESSOR – 120G w/Refrig.Dryer

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HERTZ HBD series compressors are used safely in all applications of small and medium sized businesses thanks to their high performance in operation. Its service friendly compact structure speeds up your work and minimizes downtime.

HBD Series Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Belt-pulley drive system – Fast service due to eAssembly belt tensioning system

Quiet and efficient axial fan directly connected to main motor (HBD 4-15) Additional axial fan with temperature control (HBD 15L-37)

  • Compact, small footprint, eAssembly to service Air tank suitable to ASME standard
  • UL Certified electrical component cabinet
  • All air and oil tanks comply with ASME standards

Hertz Kompressoren rotary screw compressors are equipped with eAssembly-to-use, robust and long-lasting microprocessor controllers with communication capabilities as per the product line to ensure smooth operation and uninterrupted production.

  • Patented and durable screw block that provides high-capacity of air, and that is specially selected for each model’s capacity requirement
  • Production of air with less loss of air, thanks to the new rotor profiles, and lower torque requirements
  • New generation bearing design with increased load carrying capabilities

EAssembly to disassemble and assemble, service and maintenance friendly spin-on type separator.

Premium 230-460 /3 phase/60Hz, IE3 IP55 electric motors with F Class insulation, Wye-Delta motor starting system. Long-lasting and efficient transfer system thanks to use of elastic couplings on direct coupled models.

We are pleased to offer the Hertz Belt Drive single stage, oil injected rotary screw air compressor.


Simple, Reliable and Versatile

  • Efficient design provides exceptional reliability with extremely low maintenance
  • Powerful and reliable solution engineered for industrial conditions
  • Delivers high-quality air in temperatures from 35 Degree F to 110 Degree F (2 Degree C to 43 Degree C).

Patented Rotor Design

  • Patented compressor air ends that are highly efficient design provides maximum discharge, long-life bearings ensure maximum longevity
  • Patented and durable air end that provides high-capacity of air, and that is specially selected for each model’s capacity requirement
  • Production of air with less loss of air, thanks to the new rotor profiles, and lower torque requirements

Compact Design and Low Sound Enclosure

  • Minimum footprint
  • Quiet operation
  • Simple single air inlet and single air outlet design incorporates easily into varied applications

Premium Motor, Direct-Coupled, Wye-Delta Starter

  • 100% Duty Cycle, Class F insulation with B rise, Star-delta (DOL on 5kW) reduced voltage starter, IP54 electronics provide reliable service, UL and UL-C approved control panel
  • Dual Voltage Motor

Heavy Duty Inlet Air Filter

  • 99% efficiency at 3 micron protects key components from premature failure; eAssembly access for maintenance


  • High performance separation with two-stage design,
  • Low ( less than 3 ppm) carryover with eAssembly access
  • ASME certified separator tank
  • Spin-on type separator, eAssembly and fast maintenance

Efficient Oil and Air Cooler Combo

  • Thermostatically controlled oil cooler reduces condensation in oil; aftercooler is single pass

Factory Filled 8,000-Hour Fluid

  • Smart Oil products are advanced air compressor lubricant using unique additive technology, giving outstanding performance. Based on specially selected PAO base fluids, provides long oil life and effective lubrication in aggressive applications.

PLC Controller- Advanced Maintenance Intelligence Monitor

The regulating system includes the Logik 9 control module which automatically controls and protects all compressor operations and monitors components subject to service. Monitors pressure, temperature, and maintenance hours

Maintenance Alarms – Extends the life of compressor by reminding you when and what needs to be serviced in the unit.

Fault History Alarm. – Allows quick troubleshooting with notification (date/time) of unit shutdown fault that may occur.


Smart Warranty

  • 1 year on the package
  • 2 years on the airend

Smart Warranty Extended Warranty

  • 5 Year Warranty on critical package

components including:

  • Cooler
  • Air/Oil Reservoir
  • Motor
  • Controller
  • 10 Year warranty on Airend


Tank Mounted

  • ASME Certified pressure vessel (120 Gallons, 175 psig)
  • Electronic Drain

COMPACT (Tank and Dryer Mounted)

  • ASME Certified pressure vessel (120 Gallons, 175 psig)
  • Digital Cycling Refrigeration Dryer ( Dew Point : 37)
  • General Purporse Filter – particle removal up to 1 m and oil removal 0.5 mg/m^3
  • Fine Filter – particle removal up to 0,01 m and oil removal 0.01 mg/m^3
  • Electronic Drain


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