CareNow Plan

Correctly maintaining your compressor will have a positive effect on its performance. Irregular maintenance will have the opposite effect. Let Compressor Now help you stay on track — 


Sign up for the CareNow Plan today! 

All scheduled maintenance parts are ordered FOR you at your discounted rate
Only genuine parts* used
Receive the parts you need before your scheduled maintenance
Eliminate unnecessary downtime
Easy budget planning 
Significant cost savings due to an efficient, well maintained machine
* (Aftermarket parts can be requested if out of warranty)

Scheduled Maintenance

Parts are ordered and shipped just before you need them. No more scrambling to get the correct filters & lubricants. They will show up ready for your maintenance team to service the machine.

Genuine Parts

Parts are guaranteed to be correct with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We will send the right service kit every time! * Machines out of warranty may request the use of replacement parts, still guaranteed to be 100% equivalent!

Budget Annually

No more fumbling around with "surprise" costs. You already will have an agreed upon amount to budget for maintenance on your terms, monthly, quarterly,'s up to you!

Compressor Now’s CareNow plan has been established as a way for companies that service their own equipment to take advantage of the correct OEM maintenance parts and lubricants on a scheduled budget. While shopping online for the parts you need is both less costly and more convenient, you still have to remember to do it. Let us remember what service kit schedule you are on, we will track the hours run and only send the needed parts for that service schedule. 

Budgeting for air treatment parts can be made easy. Set it on your schedule, you will know exactly when the parts purchase is made and are able to navigate these necessary expenses around payroll and other maintenance schedules.