New Air Compressors, Dryer, Drains & Gas Generation

We have created a dedicated website for new equipment at Created for the ease of sorting through and finding the correct specifications of equipment without the need to scroll through thousands of parts. We carry only new air compressors, air dryers, drains, nitrogen generators, oxygen generators, filter and separator housings and just about anything else that you would need to complete your air system. 

Compressor Now carries many brands and types of equipment in sizes from less than 1 horsepower to as big as you can imagine. We would be happy to consult your needs for a new air compressor or other piece of equipment. 

Special Pricing

Be on the look out for our make an offer buttons or discount codes for the best price available. Many times we are not allowed to publish the lowest acceptable price due to manufacturer restrictions called “MAP” but we are happy to give you the best price…..we just can’t advertise it. So if there is something specific you need, you can always ask if that is the lowest price. We will not always be able to offer a better price but if we can’t….it is sure to be the lowest price you can find!

Price Matching

Find something at a lower price? Let us know in most cases we will match that price on new equipment as long as we are talking apples to apples. We can’t always match price, sometimes other companies just don’t update their websites but if it is a legitimate competitor…we’ll match it!

Free Shipping

We encourage you to take advantage of free shipping offers. We all know that the transportation of equipment accounts for a substantial percentage of the cost and we are in the business of equipment, not shipping so anytime we can we’ll try and get it to you free or at a minimal cost. 


new air compressors

Visit Compressor Now Equipment Sales or if you are looking for parts, filters or lubricants you are at the right place.