Authorized distributors of CompAir compressors and air dryers we are here to help. Use the table below for a quick reference of CompAir parts and if you need some major CompAir parts let us know and we’d be happy to assist you with the manuals needed to get the proper repair and maintenance done. 

Use the headers of the columns below to narrow down results for your model. All reference sheets are for reference only and are not a guarantee that it is the correct part for your machine, always consult the manufacturer parts manual. 

ModelSeparatorAir FilterOil Filter
L07-11 1053357411207674 4819974
L15-22 13010174 10001611 4819974
L22S-37 10525274 11380674 11381974
L30G-50G 100007587100009925 11381974
L45-7510525274 11323374 4425274
L55G-80G 100005424 100006374 4425274
L75S-L132C 10882574 29504356 4425274
L132-16011427274 11516974 4425274
L200-25011427274 11516974 4425274
MARATHON220-222 10494574 29504356 4425274
MARATHON250-30211427274 29504526 4425274
MARATHON350-422 10494474 6296777 4425274
MARATHON42011427274 6296777 4425274
707PULS 59177 5027353191
711/715PULS,68 70539 50273 56457
822PULS59180*2 50332 57562
830PULS59180*3 52438 57562
837PULS59180*3 52438 59946
Cyclon 105/107 98262/214 98262/201 98262/135
Cyclon111 98262/215 98262/201 98262/135
Cyclon215 98262/215 98262/205 98262/220
Cyclon218/222 98262/216 98262/205 98262/220
Cyclon330/337 98262/223 98262/207 98262/220
6030N 98262/102 98262/84 98262/220
6040N 98262/121 C11158/1014 98262/220
6050N<a href="" target="_self"> 98262/194</a><a href="" target="_self"> C11158/1014</a><a href="" target="_self"> 98262/220</a>
6075N<a href="" target="_self"> 98262/162</a><a href="" target="_self">98262/170 </a><a href="" target="_self"> 98262/220</a>
6100N<a href="" target="_self"> 98262/26</a><a href="" target="_self"> C11158/1041</a><a href="" target="_self"> 98262/219</a>
6150N<a href="" target="_self"> 98262/78</a><a href="" target="_self"> C11158/1390</a><a href="" target="_self"> 98262/219</a>
6180N<a href="" target="_self">98262/173 </a><a href="" target="_self"> 98262/192</a><a href="" target="_self"> 98262/219</a>
6220N/6250N<a href="" target="_self"> 98262/174</a><a href="" target="_self"> 98262/192</a><a href="" target="_self"> 98262/219</a>

CompAir Parts Quick

Need a part for your CompAir machine quick, we have you covered. Finally a responsive and reliable source to get the Air Compressor filters, lubricants and parts you need. Ask about our hassle free maintenance program. We send you out the right parts at the right time based on your machine hourly usage. No contract, no worry. You get the correct parts at the correct time to keep downtime to a bare minimum.

Fast, Friendly Response

We offer a search by part number to find the CompAir compressor parts you need knowing that the part you select is the correct part. If you can’t find the CompAir part online, feel free to call our responsive customer service department at 888-727-8714 and we will find the correct CompAir compressor parts your machine requires. Compressor Now is here to offer competitive prices on parts, filters and lubricants all while maintaining a high level of customer service and a fast turnaround.

OEM & Replacement Air Compressor Parts

From air inlet to water separators we either will have it on hand or we can find it for you. Downtime is detrimental to your business and we understand how important your air compressor is your business operations. That is why we go out of our way to make sure that all parts whether you choose OEM or replacement parts are delivered to you as quickly as possible and of course if it is regular service parts you are looking for get set up on our contract free plan that is specifically tailored to your business and falls in line with the CompAirrecommended service intervals.


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