What is the Best Compressed Air Pipe

What is the best compressed air pipe

What is the Best Compressed Air Pipe

There are many materials to consider when setting up your compressed air network. We have Ranked the Top 5 Compressed Air Pipe types. 

  1. Aluminum – Aluminum Piping is the new standard the Best Compressed Air Pipe. Aluminum systems are lightweight, easy to install with minimal tools. Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion.  
  2. Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel is a very corrosion resistant material and as strong as using iron or black pipe. Stainless is a great choice for Food and Pharma applications.
  3. Copper – Copper has been used as a clean Compressed Air Pipe material for years. While material cost is very high the use has been proven over the long run. 
  4. Black Pipe – The old stand by has been used in air applications for decades and can be found in supply at big box stores everywhere. Unfortunately this material is susceptible to corrosion. 
  5. Galvanized – While the temptation to use galvanized pipe can be strong due to its easy availability and strength. This choice will soon prove itself as an unwise choice. Corrosion is inevitable and will lead to damaged equipment.  
  6. PVC -Another Material that many are attracted to due to very low costs and easy installation should not be used in any circumstances. PVC can get brittle and will deteriorate sometimes shattering. 
What is the Best Compressed Air pipe

So What is the Best Compressed Air Pipe Choice? Overall Aluminum is the Best Compressed Air Pipe for your new or existing compressed air network. There are many choices out there for Aluminum Pipe Systems. Find your next system below listed in alphabetical order. 

Aircom Quick Line Aluminum Piping

Aircom offers a variety of fittings in aluminum and polymer. The multi layered polymer system is also available for cost savings.

AIRnet Aluminum Piping System

Atlas Copco’s compressed air piping network is based on it’s quick fit fittings easy and fast installation and offers a 10 year warranty. Also available in Stainless Steel.

Infinity Piping Network

Boasting all brass nickel plated fittings. Ingersoll Rand sells the system as SimplAir. A fully modular system that allows the creation of new fittings for absolute ease of installation.

Prevost PPS1 Aluminum Piping System – 

The full aluminum piping concept. All fittings are aluminum constructed. A favorite for its ergonomic end use products

Transair Aluminum Piping System

From Parker Transair fittings come in a wide variety to tackle any system configuration. 

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