Which Parts are Checked and Replaced During Routine Maintenance on my Air Compressor?

Categories: Compressor Maintenance

Routine maintenance on your air compressor is vital to ensuring your unit is performing to its full potential. There are simple checks and inspections you can do daily, weekly and monthly to keep your compressor running efficiently and to avoid downtime.

The following list is a general guide on how to regularly check and maintain an air compressor. Note: Maintenance schedules can vary from one compressor to the next depending on ambient temperature, usage, type (piston vs. rotary screw), and other factors. Before performing any maintenance on your compressor, always read your operator’s manual first. 


  • Check pump oil for level & contamination
  • Drain water in tank
  • Check for vibration
  • Inspect unit for air leaks
  • Inspect belts


  • Check and replace air filter when needed
  • Check safety valves
  • Clean external parts of compressor and motor to ensure proper cooling
  • Inspect the intake vents for debris or blockage


  • Check belt tension & tighten if needed
  • Check and tighten all bolts
  • Inspect all connections for leaks


3-5 Months

  • Service the pump or engine (around 200 hours)
  • Change oil – May need to be done more or less frequently depending on conditions & use
  • Clean crankcase and screen if needed (sludge buildup)

Regularly inspecting vital parts on your air compressor can help keep your unit running and will help you identify problems before they happen. If you don’t schedule time for maintenance, your equipment will schedule it for you.